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This free source of guitar lessons online helps guitar enthusiasts to at least give them some of the basic and intermediate know-how in guitar playing. Yes, It may be easy to learn through a personal guitar tutor but it would be easier and fast if you are equipped with some of the guitar lessons facts available free in the web.

Furthermore, the art of guitar playing entails perseverance and discipline especially during the first few weeks or months. Some are ''gifted'' and learn to play it in their early age. Some devote their time to study how to play it on their own or hire a personal tutor. But others are more serious that they take up music in college in which they major guitar playing.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that aside from having a guitar reference or guitar lessons partner online, many guitarists learn their skills through keen observation and ear training.

Hope you enjoy learning.

GuitarReference.com Team

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Mastering Your Bending Skills

If you happen to listen to the song "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton, the guitar solo part would not have been melodic without doing it with string bending. This is a skill that novices and intermediates may somehow taket time to master. Yes it's easy to bend strings but it is easier said than done because you have to hit the note without sounding it flat or sharp. Read More..

Electric Guitar Pick Up - An Overview

Pickup is a part of the electric guitar that is very much responsible for the quality of its sound. As to the microphone important to the singer, same thing with pickups to the electric guitar. That is why professional guitar players are particular about pickups when choosing or buying a guitar. It is useless though you got a good sounding amplifier to have a pickup that sounds like empty can. Read More..

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