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Electric Guitar Pick Up - An Overview

Henre Lobus

Pickup is a part of the electric guitar that is very much responsible for the quality of its sound. As to the microphone important to the singer, same thing with pickups to the electric guitar. That is why professional guitar players are particular about pickups when choosing or buying a guitar. It is useless though you got a good sounding amplifier to have a pickup that sounds like empty can.

The most popular kinds of electric guitar pickups are single coil and double coil. Single coil pickups are much associated with the sound of Fender guitars. They can be easily noticed with their clear and high tones. On the other hand, double coil pickups or called "humbuckers" have round and flat tones to which you can hear from the line of Gibson guitars. Gibson also released a single coil pickup called P90 sometime in the 1950's. Notable model that use said pick up today is the Les Paul Junior. Other brands like Line 6, Ibanez, and others are using these kind of pickups as well.

The sound of the older pickups capture the hearts of most guitar players. It is for this reason why we have Seymour Duncan. He established his company in 1978. He makes new guitar pickups that resemble the good old quality sound of the old ones. His most popular pick up is the SH-4 JB Model. Many guitarists had their own pick ups build solely for them by Seymour and few of them are Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Dave Mustaine and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

Remember, before shopping for a new electric guitar be sure to have a good understanding of pickups so you will not end up being frustrated with its sound quality. Therefore, good pickup means quality sound.

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